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27 years ago, a young man in the U.S. imagined of playing golf, which is an outdoor sport, indoors. With his colleagues, he took action to realize his dreams. As a result he has developed a ball trajectory measurement equipment using an infrared light sensor. The equipment has developed into a golf training equipment that allows players to check the trajectory and distance of a golf ball which later developed into a golf simulator. The person who invented this was Floyd Arnold who later founded the most prominent golf simulator company, Full Swing Golf. U.S. companies call the screen golf equipment, ‘golf simulator’. Full Swing Golf named its product ‘indoor golf simulator’ or ‘golf simulator’, the About Golf Company calls theirs, ‘golf simulator’. While early golf simulators served to identify the ball distance and trajectories, the name suits it well and has carried on to be called ‘golf simulator’ ever since. Then what is a game using golf simulator called? Full Swing generally uses ‘indoor golf’, and sometimes use ‘golf simulation’ and ‘screen golf.’ Most data from the U.S., including Wikipedia calls it ‘indoor golf’ but also mentions the word ‘screen golf’, referring to its wide use in Korea. The term ‘indoor golf’ or ‘screen golf’, differs from outdoor golf, and the simulation reflects the characteristics of golf games, while ‘golf simulation’ seems to only stress the simulation functions of the past, which make it feel outdated. The use of the term ‘screen golf’ by Full Swing and Wikipedia seems to acknowledge the use of the term in Korea where it has the most number of screen golf ranges and does not use the term ‘indoor golf’ or ‘golf simulation.’