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In order to calm the epidemic spread of rumors on his health issues, Tiger Woods has made an appearance at a screen golf course. On the 24th, Woods uploaded a 13 second video of him taking shots using the 9 iron on a golf simulator with words ‘Progressing nicely’ on Twitter. There were rumors on social networking services stating that his condition had worsened after yet another back surgery to the extent that he is unable to walk or even sit on a car. The swing video is, therefore, considered to be a response to such rumors. Prior to the upload Woods agent, Mark Steinberg, made a press release stating that such rumors are “ridiculous” and “absolutely false”. However, it did little to calm the rumors. The video was retweeted over 12,000 times within 10 hours and over 16,000 fans responded with the like button. Rickey Fowler, after watching the video has expressed how happy is to see Woods swing. Woods is yet to be seen on tours since last September when he received two back surgeries.