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The battle of vigorous shots by golf loving college students have started. Golf Zone Corp(CEO Jang Sungwon) has announced that it has sponsored the annual NUGA(National University Golf Association) screen golf competition at the Golf Zone Samsung Center Station branch, last weekend. Golf Zone has been sponsoring the event each year. This year approximately 60 players from Korea University, Seoul National University, Sookmyung Women’s University, Ehwa Women’s University, and Joongang University. The competition used a foursome method with 2 teams of 4 competes in 8 rooms. After series of intense battle for school pride, Seoul National University won the champion ship. Korea University and Ehwa Women’s University has jointly won 2nd place, and Sookmyung Women’s University and Joongang University has jointly won the fair play award. Park Soyoung(21, Sports Science Major), a participant from Ehwa Women’s University said ‘Regardless of your golf skills, I felt great about exchanging and making friends with students with other colleges. She continued, “I wish more college students could easily access and enjoy golf through screen golf.” A Golf Zone marketing staff states that the company is supporting the annual college student screen golf competition to make golf popular by allowing college students to easily access and enjoy golf. The staff also said, ‘the company will continue to find various supporting methods to expand the basis of golf.